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I Wanna Be Santa

It's that time of the year and we at Artitute would like to wish all our friends and partners a Merry Christmas and a Arty New Year in 2012.

Download of fun Santa mask to spread some Yuletide cheers. Be a Santa or Santarina (with fuzzy beard) to your loved ones.


Here are some instructions on how to be a Santa for a day.

Step 1: Download our Santa Mask/Postcard if you don’t have one and print it in full colour.
Step 2: Get your tools ready. Tools needed are – Scissors, Cutter, Scotch tapes, Rubber bands or Disposable Chopsticks and Hole Puncher.

I Wanna Be Santa


Step 3: Cut out the mask from the blue dotted lines.

I Wanna Be Santa
I Wanna Be Santa


Step 4: Scotchtape the disposable chopsticks at the back of the mask as a holder or punch a hole at each side and insert some rubber bands to secure the mask to your ears.

I Wanna Be Santa
I Wanna Be Santa


Wah La! You are now Santa. Note: Santa ourfits are not provided. Please purchase or rent from your nearest costume store.

I Wanna Be Santa

Happy Holidays!

Download our mask/postcard to spread some Yuletide cheers. Email us a photo of creative ways with the mask and you get to win a goodie bag from Artitute.

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