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Brainwave, Robots and the Flying Bicycle. @ Instinc [email protected]

21-26 April 2011 @ Instinc [email protected]

A melding of art and technology, where the artificial constructs of art and science are brought down, taken apart and played with to create new possibilities of expression.

Brainwave, Robots and Flying Bicycle

Brainwave, Robots and Flying Bicycle

Brainwaves, Robots and the Flying Bicycle is a melding of art and technology,  where  the  artificial  constructs  of  art  and  science  are  brought  down,  taken apart  and  played  with  to  create  new  possibilities  of  expression. Through a range of  media, three up and coming artists – Susan Olij, Shih Yun Yeo and Rachel Law – bring  a range of experimental works that defy traditional constraints of what it is to create art and to that offer a brief glimpse of illumination on a truth before it fades away.

This group  exhibition  offers different  perspectives  to  the  concept  of  Humanity,  Art  and Machine. Susan’s layered images of nebulous forms explores the inner workings of mind and spirit with a  central  motif  of  brainwaves  and  life  forms inspiring  her  work  while  Shih-Yun’s utilizes  non-traditional  tools  such  as  robots  and  remote  control  cars  to  create  spontaneous paintings  of  unparalleled  freedom  and  honesty. Rachel’s Flying Bicycle  installation  uses modern  microcontrollers  and  sensors  to  create  an  experience  of  Sublime  flight,  a  child’s daydream come to life.

Presented as a work-in-progress, the show is both playful and introspective with questions of art, science  and  humanity.  The informal unmounted  hanging,  studio  atmosphere  and experimental  nature  of  the  work  allow them to  experience  the  exhibition  as  an  ongoing conversation between the artists, the works and themselves.

Join Artitute this 21st April, 7pm at Instinc [email protected] for the opening of Brainwave, Robots and the Flying Bicycle.

Brainwave, Robots and Flying Bicycle

Brainwave, Robots and Flying Bicycle

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2 Comments on Brainwave, Robots and the Flying Bicycle. @ Instinc [email protected]

  1. kartika tanaya // April 22, 2011 at 6:54 pm //

    very impressive…wonder where their inspiration is coming from…wish all the 3 artist a successfull exhebition…

  2. Thanks Kartika for your lovely comments. I hope you will pop by to visit the artists and their works at Instinc [email protected]

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