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Abu Dhabi

Asad Faulwell: Bed of Broken Mirrors


The artist presents a series of works, commemorating the forgotten women, whose country had turned their back on them, after they fought in the war during Algerian's struggle for independence from the occupying French in the 1950s. - Geraldine Lee reports from Dubai [...]

The Charming Calligraphic Ceramics of Katia Al Tal


Nuwa Creations is the brainchild of Katia Al Tal; an extension of her sculptural practice, Al Tal fuses the medium of clay with her love of calligraphy to create a collection of ceramics that is both creative and functional. [...]

Sherin Guirguis: Passages//Toroq


Passages//Toroq features two series of works that function in tandem with each other, complementing and underscoring topical issues that have arisen from the Arab Springs. [...]
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