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POP! Burton Morris in Singapore


For his first visit and upcoming solo exhibition in Singapore, acclaimed American pop artist Burton Morris gave Artitute a sneak peak behind his vibrant, pop art compositions. Nicola Anthony spoke with Morris to bring you closer to his work. [...]

“Dot Line Plane” Solo Exibition by Ms April Ng Kiow Ngor


Ms April Ng Kiow Ngor, Singapore's most esthablished print-making artist, spoke to Chee Wei teck on how she drew inspiration from the simple and seemingly mundane, and transforms them into abstract and imaginative landscapes by exploring the relationship between the dot, line and plane. [...]

Urban Dialogue – Zech Wu Solo 2012


Urban Dialogue feels like a heavy thesis on the issues our Mother Earth has to face – commercialisation, urbanisation, politics, etc. – and how human beings are deprived of other living things’ and their own habitat. [...]