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United Arab Emirates

Journey to Yemen


Journey to Yemen now showing at Total Arts at the Courtyard is a series of photographs selected from a collaborative project “Yemen: Treasure Trove”, presenting Yemen through the lens of acclaimed photographers and a film maker who travelled to Yemen in March and May 2009. [...]

Women in Art IX


The ninth edition of the annual “Women in Art” exhibition is proudly presented by Courtyard Gallery and Art Connection. This continual effort to endorse female artists in the United Arab Emirates celebrates the diverse talents and cultural melange that is the hallmark of Dubai’s cosmopolitan community. [...]

Mouteea Murad: A Date with Spring


From brooding monochromatic portraits to a kaleidoscopic collage of works inspired by the children that he taught art to. Syrian artist, Mouteea Murad have rose out of the darkness and into the light. Geraldine Lee met the artist in person at Ayyam Gallery in Dubai and listened to his inspiring story behind each work. [...]