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ARTITUTE was established in mid 2010, base in Singapore. ARTITUTE is an online magazine that promotes and market Southeast Asia’s established and emerging visual artists and it’s art scene. ARTITUTE is also a stepping stone for young aspiring visual artists to showcase their works to the world.

Managed by a group of volunteer art writers, photographers and contributors around the world, ARTITUTE brings to you art news, events and happenings from the ground up.

ARTITUTE was found by ex-pixel pusher and art enthusiast, Ms Suzzana (Low) Chew, also known as Suzz to most of her friends.

Suzzana Chew Suzzana CHEW (Singapore/Shanghai)

Founder and owner of ARTITUTE, Suzzana Chew was one of the 1st Graphic designers from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts to enter into the digital realm in the 1990s.

After honing her digital media skills for more than a decade in the dotcom industry. Suzzana went back full circle into art and design, and embarked into the fine arts industry starting with Sothebys Institute of the Arts Singapore. With her background in digital design, Suzzana joined Six Degrees @ Emily Hill and kick-started connecting the arts network in Singapore in 2009. There after, Suzzana assisted Singapore artist, Francis Ng at his art gallery, Showcase Number Eight at 8Q @ The Singapore Art Museum. Her exposure with the Singapore art scene motivated her to set up Educating and informing the general public about the vibrant, established but generally unknown art in Singapore.

When she’s not hobnobbing in the art galleries, Suzzana is a crazy cat lady who dabbles in photography and printmaking. Suzzana was also a docent at the Singapore History Museum (now known as The National Museum Singapore) and The Singapore Art Museum.

Noticing a lack of platforms for visual artists to promote themselves, ARTITUTE was born. For now, Suzzana prowls the streets and art galleries to bring you the latest happening in the art scene in Singapore and Shanghai.

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