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Art goes wild and crazy at The Arts House

Children has the wildest imaginations. But when it comes to art, you will be amazed to see the techniques and skills these little artist have on their artworks.

Get transported into a crazy art wonderland when you step into the The Arts House at 1 Old Parliament Lane. Art for Art’s Sake – The Children’s Version is a showcase of artworks by children from age 3 to 12 years old by a local children art enrichment school, Art Zone.

Do not underestimate the artworks just because they are little totes or pre-teens. Take some time and look closely at each of the works. You will be amazed by the techniques and skills of every work. Chinese Ink Painting and Dotting technique? By a 3 year old? I was taken aback by the skills of the following young artists. Combined with innocent imaginations, the artworks created are fresh, joyful and unique.

Art for Arts Sake - The Children Version

An attempt at Chinese Ink Painting (中国水墨画) by Edward Kwan who is just 4 years old!

Art for Arts Sake - The Children Version
An attempt at Dotting technique by Ayan Priyadarshi who is just 11 years old!

Art for Arts Sake - The Children Version

Have you seen a charcoal drawing by a 7 year old? By Alan Chi.

Have a look at their masterpieces and be blown away. Better yet, check out the exhibition yourself at The Arts House. And remember to stop and look closely at each of the work. Well done little artists from Art Zone.

The Arts House, Print Gallery, Level 1.
Opening hours
10am – 10pm
Starting Date: 06 Apr 2012
End Date: 07 May 2012
Admission is free.

More photos at our Flickr album.

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