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Game-Based Improv (Introduction): Improv Sports

This workshop is an introduction to competitive improvisation. Train your adaptability, flexibility and the willingness to risk through Viola Spolin’s improvisation games. After this workshop, you will move on to join an ensemble of instinctive improvisers, specializing in Robert Gravel’s “Match” format of improvisation.


The study of improv as a sport allows students to embrace the unexpected and follow their instincts as they examine:

What makes the narrative structure in improv?
How do we focus on acting and the narrative at the same time?
How can we surpass our personal comfort zones?
What makes good improv, good?

After the 8 weeks, competitive improv match team(s) will be formed, ready to take the stage.

Registration closes 16 August 2016.

To sign up, visit

Payment Plans are available. Email us at [email protected]

27 August – 15 October 2016
Every Saturday, 11.00am to 2.00pm

Price: S$600

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