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Noel donates $30K to LaSalle’s bursary program

and NAC announced the winners of the Noel/LaSalle gift bag design competition at 15 Minutes cafe

Since the “I Never Imagined” campaign (INI) was launched a year ago to create awareness about the value and importance of the arts, Noel Gifts, a homegrown SME and a household name in the gifts and flowers industry, has stepped up and participated in a series of co-branded advertisements to highlight the power of the arts in bringing people closer.

In support of the arts, Noel Gifts made a $30,000 donation to LASALLE, one of the charities listed on NAC’s cultural philanthropy portal,, to fund the school’s bursaries for students requiring financial assistance. 6 LaSalle students will benefit from this bursary.

NOEL/LaSalle Design Competition 2012

In addition, Noel Gifts and LASALLE collaborated to provide an industry-based design competition where students submitted designs for an original floral tote bag for a hand bouquet that is commercially viable.

NOEL/LaSalle Design Competition 2012

Winners and their designs with Noel Gifts, Managing Director, Mr Alfred Wong (center) and NAC, Deputy CEO, Yvonne Tham

NOEL/LaSalle Design Competition 2012
Group shot of the 4 winners. (From left) 1st Prize, Chong Xian Ling, 2nd Prize, Khaleedah Binte Sairi, 3rd Prize, Suzan Sunarya and Consolation Prize, Tina Octaviani

The contest held an open call earlier this year in Feburary. Over thirty students from LaSalle’s various faculty submitted their designs, and four winning designs emerged from ten which were short list. The four winners received cash prizes and certificates from Noel Gifts’ Managing Director, Mr Alfred Wong this morning at LaSalle’s 15 Minutes Cafe.

Top prize winner, Chong Xian Ling , who is a first year student at LaSalle’s Faculty of Design, told Artitute the reason she took part in this competition is because she is interested in creating three dimensional designs. And this was a chance for her to blend design with functionality and practicality.

At first glance, Xian Ling’s design looks like a shopping carrier, but at a closer look, it’s actually a clever display stand that doubles up as a bouquet holder. Using the quote ““Love is like a flower-you’ve got to let it grow.” inspired by John Lennon, reminds the receiver that the act of giving flowers to one another is a display of love and affection.

NOEL/LaSalle Design Competition 2012

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