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“INTER-VIEWS” Photovoice SG First Annual Collection Showcase


Photovoice SG launches its inaugural annual exhibition, INTER-VIEWS an exhibition features photographic work from youth on the autism spectrum, the children of ex-inmates, young adults who have experienced psychosis, and persons living with HIV. These are personal perspectives that bring to light the hopes and concerns of persons who need to be more clearly seen and heard. [...]

This museum is already free


Our Museum @ Taman Jurong has been free since its opening, not just for certain hours of the day, and not just for senior citizens. When was the last time you made a journey to the West side of Singapore? [...]

Beyond Doodles


Give anyone a pen or a pencil and the instinct is to doodle. While it may not be considered high art, this shows how intrinsic artistic expression is to human nature. [...]