In conjunction with Singapore Art Week 2017, The Private Museum is proud to present 21st Century Calligraphy: Selections from the Nanshun Shanfang Collection. The exhibition features 19 Chinese calligraphy works from 5 established Chinese calligraphers: Wang Dongling, Sun Xiaoyun, Wang Tiande, Wei Ligang, and Guan Jun.


Wang Dongling’s artworks illuminate the essence of gestural abstraction through his bold experimentations of embodied action and performance in Chinese calligraphy. Wang Tiande’s artistic practice explores the ambivalent relation between contemporaneity and the traditional. Wei Ligang’s background in mathematics contributes to his unique approach of the deconstruction and re-construction of Chinese characters in his artworks. Sun Xiaoyun’s emphasis on her brushstrokes and aesthetics, along with Guan Jun’s neoclassical style, portray distinctive interpretations of historical transcripts by renowned Chinese poets such as Du Fu and Su Dong Po.

Viewers will gain the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the wide array of calligraphy styles—reflective of their various artistic development and practices in breaking the conventional approach of Chinese calligraphy—displayed through this collection.

Date of Exhibition: 11 January – 12 March 2017
Time: Mon – Fri: 10am to 7pm Sat – Sun: 11am to 5pm
Opening Reception: 10 January 2017, Tuesday
Artist Talk by Wang Dong Ling: 14 January 2017, Saturday
Venue: The Private Museum, 51 Waterloo Street #02-06 Singapore 187969