4 continents in 3D by Stefen Chow

A blend of history and future. East and West. Art and Commerce. Human and Technology. Stefen Chow captures the spirit of the Denis Group, a company with 150 years of history across 12 countries in 4 continents.

From Tokyo to Antananarivo, manufacturing to distribution, the factory worker to CEO, Stefen documents the heart beat and spectrum of a company in striking detail.

Photographed completely in groundbreaking stereoscopic style, or 3D, Stefen brings the visual experience closer to body and soul.

Exhibition details:

Exhibition from 14th to 29th March 2012
Venue: The Arts House “Print Gallery”
Time: 10am to 7pm
Admission: Free

About the artist

Stefen Chow is grateful to be a witness through his camera.

Stefen has been awarded in PDN, PX3 and was nominated for the PDN 30 and World Press Photo Masterclass. Stefen has worked with Geo, Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Bloomberg News, Aurora Select, Cartier, Keppel Shipyard, Nikon and Shell International. His works have been exhibited in cities including Los Angeles, Paris, Beijing and Singapore. He is an endorsed Nikon Professional with Nikon Singapore.

An accomplished adventurer, Stefen summitted Mount Everest, becoming one of the rare individuals to climb and photograph the mountain.

The artist is currently shuttles between Beijing and Singapore for work and family.