Acting whilst singing in musical theatre can be challenging for even the most professional and seasoned actor. How does an actor sing the right notes, at the right time, whilst also making their performance spontaneous, connected and believable for the audience? How do they characterise authentically and build dynamic relationships with others, whilst holding a note for an unnaturally long time or singing with a rigid rhythm?


In this masterclass traditional expectations of how to ‘perform’ a song or ‘act’ in a musical are reinvented. Actors work through a series of experiential activities and practical exercises that allow them to uncover new, helpful ways to develop character, build relationships and carry out dramatic action whilst singing at the same time. They explore how they can act with authenticity and believability even when having to sing, rather than speak, their lines.

The workshop is suitable for any actor who has a singing role, even if their character has just a few solo lines or is part of the chorus. Participants can be musical theatre specialists or novices to the genre.

Students need to prepare two contrasting (one ballad and one up tempo) solo musical theatre songs in advance, and be prepared to sing them at the workshop. They must bring a copy of the sheet music (score) for each song, plus minus ones (backing tracks) to the workshop.

This workshop is open to anyone from all backgrounds.
Minimum age for admission is 16 and above.

Registration closes:
19 October 2016

22 October, 2016 — 23 October, 2016
Saturday, 10.00am — 6.00pm
Sunday, 10.00am — 6.00pm

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