An internationally known Lee from Singapore gets to dance “Gangnam style”, thanks to artist/ illustrator Stephanie Wong.

Stephanie Wong illustrated Adeline Foo’s series of books, “The Diary of Amos Lee”. These books have travelled out of Singapore to China, India, Indonesia and the Slovak Republic. Yes, that means they have been translated into a few languages.

The Diary of Amos Lee

“The Diary of Amos Lee” has been made into a TV series, starring Ms Janice Koh, who is also the Arts Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP).

The Diary Of Amos Lee

“The Diary of Amos Lee — Lights, Camera, Superstar!” is the last book in this series created in Singapore. But I believe Stephanie’s illustration and Adeline’s writing will continue to travel and evolve into various forms. Move over, boy wizard.

Grab the book at your favourite book store.

Images: Courtesy of Epigram Books, Stephanie Wong and Adeline Foo.