Appreciating Mother @ Galerie Sogan & Art

Red high heels, floral print, loud hailer, theatrical eye make-up, and cosy patchworks. Do any of these remind you of your Mum?

Galerie Sogan & Art celebrates Mothers’ Day month with the visual art works of 5 female artists. Until Sun 19 Jun 11. Call in advance so that you can be let in.

<Appreciating Mothers @ Galerie Sogan & Art
Artist, Sarah Choo
Appreciating Mothers @ Galerie Sogan & Art
Artist, Guo Yi Xiu

Creative duo Sarah Choo and Guo Yi Xiu used textile of contrasting character to create 2 collage works of their mothers. Most of us can certainly remember our mother’s patchwork blankets made for us when we were a child. Hence, Sarah and Yi Xiu felt that a patchwork art work best represents their mothers. The bold and slinky satin fabrics on Sarah Choo’s art work represent her mother who is modern and sensual. While the subtle floral prints and cotton lace on Guo Yi Xiu’s represents a more traditional Asian mother. Each piece of work was also sewn with parts of a brassiere that represents the character of their mothers. But before you get grossed out, each piece of patchwork was sewn with new fabrics and brassieres.

Appreciating Mothers @ Galerie Sogan & Art
Artist, Alecia Neo

If you think the photographs by Alecia Neo look “too ordinary”, there are social documentary-like stories behind them. Her series of photographs were taken in ordinary HDB flats. One apartment was occupied by two ladies from China who came to Singapore to work. They became as close as sisters. One photo was of two mentally disabled adult siblings. One photo was of the artist’s mother whose sorrow was captured as she just discovered her own illness (now fully recovered). The subjects are all mothers in their own way. Caring for one another even if they were once strangers or mentally disabled, and a mother who in turn needed care from her own children.

Appreciating Mothers @ Galerie Sogan & Art
Artist, Xin Xiao Chang

Xin Xiao Chang made her neat little sculptures look like wind-up toys and sprinkled a little dose of philosophy. Her three little colourful sculptures represent three different stages of a child’s life. From an infant who was pure, an obedient child who listens to his/her parents, to a young adolescent influenced by his/her peers and surroundings, and finally to an adult who finds his/her own voice, is opinionated and very vocal.

Appreciating Mothers @ Galerie Sogan & Art
Artist, Ye Ruo Shi

On the canvas paintings of Ye Ruo Shi, you may recognise the large Japanese comics eyes with boldly coloured Chinese opera make-up. Ruo Shi’s paintings are representations of herself and her children. Being a mother of three young sons, her paintings represent herself as mother nature (tree) who nurtures her three babies with lots of love and protection, and lots of sweetness a mother can provide. And knowing Ruo Shi, she is definitely a very loving and caring mother.

“Coffee paint”, pencil sketches, printouts from probably-not-this-season’s home printer. Gallery founder Vera Wijaya and Joel Yuen, the curator (the only guy in the whole show), drew significance from the familiar — the essence of Mothers.

Appreciating Mothers @ Galerie Sogan & Art
From left, Xin Xiao Chang, Joel Yuen, Ye Ruo Shi, Vera Wijaya, Alecia Neo, Sarah Choo and Guo Yi Xiu.

Before you leave the gallery and head down the stairs, do glance around the finely renovated gallery. You will find clues of its cultural and intellectual style. It is an elegant find amidst the uneven footpaths and loud bars in the neighbourhood.

Title: Mother
Venue: Galerie Sogan & Art. 33B Mosque Street (level 3)
Exhibition dates: 24 May – 19 June 2011, Mon-Fri, 11am – 7pm, Sat by appointment. Call 8138 0277/6225 7686.

Co-written with and photographs by Suzzana.