Element Art Space is pleased to present Arkiv Vilmansa’s third solo exhibition in Singapore.

Known for his whimsical characters, this exhibition is a departure from his previous oeuvre since his last solo show with the gallery in 2015. For nearly seven years, Vilmansa’s creative process has always involved fantasy, imagination and personal dreams that were realised through various fictional characters in strong and bold bright colours. This search led him to discover a new series of landscapes in the form of topographic maps of the area he explores. Images of topographic maps are shaped by an array of lines to form fields.

In Come to Light, Vilmansa uses light to emphasize the reflection of life-based on his beliefs, while others use light to highlight reality. His playful use of textures, colours and shapes with light source are evident in this new series of works, in which he also explores the interaction of colours with shadows and light.

The change from dark to light in each transition between them gives meaning and beauty of its own in its journey to the light. Through this process, Vilmansa is too being re-mapped in his relationship with his Creator —thenever ending journey to reach ‘light’ and eternal goodness.

Dates: 10 December 2017 – 14 January 2018
Opening Hours: Tue-Sat 11am – 7pm; Sun 11am – 6pm (closed on Mondays and Public Holidays)