Art Stage Singapore is returning for its third edition in 2013, and to build on the success of the previous editions, this year’s show is created to fulfill the following vision and mission:

  • WE ARE ASIA: The international art fair offering the best quality Asian and Southeast Asian art
  • Positioning Singapore as the centre of the Asia Pacific art region
  • New to Art Stage Singapore is the Special Programmes component – a non-commercial effort which highlights educational values of arts and culture and to inspire the local and locally-based communities by means of art.


    Art Speaks at Art Stage Singapore: The Poverty Line

    By: Stefen Chow

    26 Jan 2013 | 11.30am | 1 hour

    Art Stage 2013
    The picture above shows what a poor person in China can buy in a day.

    This body of work explores a simple question – What does it mean to be poor?

    It is not an emotional statement. It is an examination of the choices one would face living at the poverty line. This is an ongoing project,with the first series understanding China, Japan, Nepal and Thailand. Stefen Chow and his co-artist, Lin Hui-Yi, have since expanded this project to 16 countries across six continents. They are not trying to compare different countries’ poverty but rather to have a starting point to understand poverty within a country’s context.

    Disappearing Moon – Emma Critchley & Genevieve Chua
    By: Artist in Residence Exchange Programme
    26 Jan 2013 | 1:30pm | 1 hr

    Art Stage 2013
    “Disappearing Moon #2”, C-type photographic print, 50.8×76.2 cm, 2012, Edition: 5 +2AP, Emma Critchley & Genevieve Chua

    Disappearing Moon – Emma Critchley & Genevieve Chua
    Singaporean Genevieve Chua and Briton Emma Critchley share with the audience their experiences, collaborative process and the new works arising from their participation in an artist-in-residency-exchange (AiRx) programme run by the Singapore International Foundation and British Council, Singapore. The two visual artists, whose practices are rooted in fine-art photography, spent three weeks in each other’s countries, interacting with arts communities, continuing their research and developing new work. This led to new solo and collaborative works presented in an exhibition, Disappearing Moon, in Singapore and the United Kingdom.

    Spaces to Dream: Architecture for Art @Art Stage Singapore

    By WY-TO Architects
    27 Jan 2013 | 11:30am | 1 hr

    Art Stage 2013

    WY-TO is co-founded by Yann Follain and Pauline Gaudry in 2008 in Paris and 2010 in Singapore. The founders have experienced multiple approaches to architecture through their studies and past working experiences in architecture firms around the world. As an industry innovator in Architecture, Exhibition Design and Art Installations, WY-TO has been responsible for designing some of Singapore’s key creative projects

    The Substation: Fragments, Archives and Mapping – Debbie Ding
    By the Singapore Psychogeographical Society
    27 Jan 2013 | 3:30pm | 1 hr

    Art Stage 2013

    Ethnographic Fragments from Central Singapore: The Singapore Psychogeographical Society will give a talk about its collection of ethnographic fragments from Singapore and other archival/mapping projects in Singapore and Paris. “Ethnographic Fragments from Central Singapore” forms a collection of fragments from roads, pavements, and other urban physical features from Singapore.

    Website and registration:

    Art Stage Singapore 2013 is held from 24 – 27 January 2013 this year at the Marina Bay Sands. Tickets to the Fair are available via SISTIC.