Lotus on Water, Singapore’s leading feng shui brand, is collaborating with United Overseas Bank (UOB) and The Emporium Group to host its first art exhibition in Thailand by feng shui Emeritus Master Yun Long Zi at The Emporium from 18 – 21 January 2018. Emeritus Master Yun Long Zi is Singapore’s most famous artist working in the area of feng shui, and has been inspiring prosperity and success since 2005.

The exhibition, the “Colours of Prosperity and Elegance: The feng shui Art of Emeritus Master Yun and Lotus on Water”, will feature 108 exquisite art pieces, exhibited as part of a collection which possesses extraordinary characteristics. The art collection will be specially curated by Emeritus Master Yun Long Zi for Thailand as many Thais, particularly those who are among the country’s high net-worth individuals, of Thai-Chinese descent, are believers and devotees of the practices of feng shui.

Lotus on Water will also be showcasing feng shui products that help customers achieve prosperity and good fortune, including three generations of the Heaven and Earth Jadeite Rings, as part of the UOB and The Emporium Group collaboration.


The extraordinary dimensions of Emeritus Master Yun long Zi’s celebrated work, namely Heavenly Time, Earthly Resources and Human Will, are represented by his outstanding characteristics of the paintings. The paintings change their representation as day moves into night with phosphorescent paint that glows and comes alive in UV light. Each piece of art is rendered in specially prized materials such as 18K and 24K (pure) gold and silver and infused with Emeritus Master Yun Long Zi’s inspiration bringing prosperity and good fortune to people.


Emeritus Master Yun Long Zi, says, “The unifying quality of my art is that it celebrates all things worth celebrating, from health to wealth, and from relationships to prosperity. I focus on the positive energies and elements that I can draw on such as love, joy, peace and hope, all of which are subject matters that my art symbolises. To that end, may I be so bold as to coin the term Celebrationism as a movement that I would like my art to be celebrated upon.”

Manatase Annawat, The Deputy Managing Director of The Emporium Group, says, “We are proud to have the opportunity to collaborate with UOB and Lotus on Water in bringing the astonishing work of Emeritus Master Yun Long Zi to Thailand. Emeritus Master Yun Long Zi is known as one of Singapore’s most celebrated and influential artists, his works bring profound happiness, joy and prosperity to those who are able to draw inspiration for the betterment of their own lives. The Emporium is the perfect home for this extraordinary exhibition”.



Nigel Chua, First Vice President, Group Channels & Digitalization, United Overseas Bank, says, “UOB is committed to contributing to the prosperity and happiness of all of our customers. As a leading bank in Singapore and Thailand, we are very pleased to partner with Lotus on Water and The Emporium to present this magnificent art collection in Bangkok. The success of Emeritus Master Yun Long Zi and Lotus on Water is well-known in Singapore, and we applaud and recognise the tirelessly positive efforts in entrepreneurialism and the business success of Emeritus Master Yun Long Zi”.


The “Colours of Prosperity and Elegance”

Emeritus Master Yun Long Zi carries the heritage, glory and prestige of being the 6th generation feng shui Master in his family. His artistic inclination towards Chinese and Western arts started at an early age and his stellar accolades include winning the Singapore Youth Festival art exhibition in his teens, graduating top of the NTU School of Arts and School of Science with a First-Class Honors in Chinese Language and Cultural Studies and winning the Dr. Wu Teh Yao Book Prize.


His characteristic artistic style and approach are not typical of Chinese paintings and defy conventional definitions of realism, expressionism and impressionism movements, making it truly unique. Many of the paintings feature up to 18 layers of nuanced and expressive artistry, bringing boundless wishes of colour and joy to visitors to the exhibition.

While some of his paintings are painted on Chinese rice paper, many displayed in this exhibition are painted on a special paper known as Dong Ba Paper which is handmade by tribal shamans using herbs from mountain ranges. Dong Ba Paper is believed to be sacred and can last for more than a thousand years. His paintings are also crowned by precious natural elements such the aforementioned gold and silver, bronze and natural vermillion ink. The latter is believed to be effective in warding off evil while bringing to life good wishes conveyed from the symbols in the paintings.

One of the key features of his paintings is the use of a special paint that glows in the dark under UV light. It is included purposefully into Emeritus Master Yun Long Zi’s paintings to symbolise hope in darkness – where there is a ‘silver lining’ even in dark environments or at dark times. During the daytime, his images gleefully celebrate the best of nature’s wonderful palette and in all its magical glory, from flora to fauna (peacocks, cranes, cranes, Hulu plants, eagles and Emeritus Master Yun Long Zi’s signature peonies), as well as vistas and landscapes which encompass the smallest of creatures and the most precious of lives they lead.


“The peacocks in my paintings become living metaphors for attraction. In my paintings where peacocks are featured, their feathers are a glittering gold under bright lights. By contrast, when lights are turned off and ultraviolet lights are shone on them through the darkness, you will see celestial stars,” added Emeritus Master Yun Long Zi.


Indeed, each element carries special symbolisms and projects an empowering aura of fortune, strength and joy when intertwined. The energising and colourful impressions bring Chi and good feelings to those who view this incredible art in the day.



At night, as the planet elementally rotates, bright stars are revealed, and seem to dance and sway as they cast their protective, positive energy onto worlds below; they facilitate dreams and the joyful hopes and wishes of imagination that they embody, as the Earth turns.


To-date, Lotus on Water remains the only feng shui brand in the world to have earned accolades and awards from Golden Brand Award (2007), Singapore Prestige Brand Award (2008) and the Successful Entrepreneur Award (2010).