‘B3: BELIA. BAHASA. BUDAYA’ is a project by Nusantara Arts (NA) with the vision of engaging youths through music, language and culture.



This initiative begins with a Puisi writing competition opened to all youths primarily from Secondary Schools, Centralised Institutions/Junior Colleges & Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL). Writers of the selected works will go through a 1-day workshop under the mentorship of Md Khair Md Yasin, Rafaat Haji Hamzah and Cikgu Khaziah Yem. These selected works will be transformed into original musical works by a team of youth composers led by NA Artistic Director, Zulkifli M. Amin. From an original Puisi, to an original piece of music; this combination will be performed at a concert by ‘Nusantara – an ensemble by Nusantara Arts’, which comprises of youth musicians. Nusantara uses kroncong instruments to deliver the original works, which will be performed with the essence of traditional Malay rhythms.

Details at http://www.nstarts.sg/btiga