“Blés Vendôme” is the third act of an artistic vegetal installation, Nature Capital, a journey to bring nature to cities that began in 2010.  It is a tribute to wheat that universal symbol of rebirth, which must disappear each year in order to be reborn the following season. 

Since the beginning of time, and in all artistic disciplines, wheat has inspired artists, creators, thinkers.

It is a poetic installation composed of wheat, wood and sand, created on the Place Vendôme in July 2016.
“Blés Vendôme” marks the hope that in 2016, like the wheat, we will collectively be reborn into a better society.

“Blés Vendôme” is a collective act of generosity shared with the public and is the result of the work of hundreds of men and women. It offers the opportunity to everyone, whoever they are, wherever they are from, day or night, to live and experience this reinvented wheat field.

“Blés Vendôme” is a shared vision with CHANEL, the sponsor of this artwork, which was exhibited in Gabrielle Chanel’s city of birth, Saumur. Wheat was a key element in Gabrielle CHANEL’s universe, surrounding herself with it and believing it was a lucky charm.

After the Place Vendôme, Saumur and Taipei, Blés Vendôme has found a new arena in which to reach out to the public in 2018. I am honored to be able to recreate the installation for Singapore at Marina Bay Sands.

With Blés Vendôme, I want to remind everyone how much the human spirit, when acting with respect and care, understands how to interact with nature, drawing from it’s inspiration to nourish and embellish mankind.

Gad Weil

– 250m2 of wheat field
– 250,000 pieces of wheat / 750KG of wheat
– 128m of wood base
– 100 mobilized people for the work of art implementation: farmers, paint professional, performing art professional, art schools, employment centers, students, staff and close people of Gad Weil.
– 4 months of preparation

Venue: The Event Plaza, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

When: 23 Feb – 1 Mar 2018