Enter into a world of flora and fauna from 10 June to 18 July at Objectifs Gallery at Middle Road. Titled Breakfast at 8, Jungle at 9, photographer Ernest Goh showcases his latest works which utilise repetitive motifs from the natural environment to propagate his eco-utopian vision of the world. While, at first glance, a nod to scientific photography and the detailed study of specimens, Ernest encourages the viewer to appreciate these insects, butterflies, flowers and birds through a lens of wonderment and fascination.

The exhibition presents two of Ernest’s latest series and an interactive installation.

B8J9_Skull_Set_Tiled_001 B8J9_Amoeba_Set_004The two series – The Gift Book and Breakfast at 8, Jungle at 9 – explore the different ways of viewing nature while the interactive installation titled Time to Wrap Up offers visitors a chance to recreate a “natural world” by applying the photo stickers of insects and animals that Ernest had created. Ernest will also be giving a talk on 20 June 2015, Saturday, 3pm to 4pm at the gallery.

Breakfast at 8, Jungle at 9 runs from 10 June to 18 July 2015 at Objectifs Gallery,

155 Middle Road, Singapore 188977. For more information, please visit