Here is a brief overview of Brompton Design District, part of London Design Week 2012 over the few hours I had before getting on my flight. The good news is-the fun starts this weekend as they wrap!

Oyuna x Peter Marigold

Kopiaste: Design Marketo x Haptic Thought

Out of Print

Vera chapter two

4 Cromwell Place is a new temporary venue this year showcasing works of young designers featuring and industrial designer’s work processes to objects with literary narratives and the notion of ‘culture snacking’ in bite size portions and “Out of Print” pulling headline news from top news sources and then printing them the old school way-with printing letter blocks.

An interactive food exhibit “Wundertute” by Design Marketo x Arabeschi di Latte known for their projects relating to food, culture and sociology. More than half the ingredients we Asians (or at least me) consume regularly from lotus roots to kumquats, persimmons and umeboshi (sour plums).

This very brief overview doesn’t do the festival justice and barely skims the service of the whole festival – a sneak peek if you may, so please catch the last days of the festival this weekend while you can!

London Design Festival 2012
14-23 September

Original post here, more photos available here.