ARTO, the Singapore based startup that helps consumers to discover and buy art using their Artificial Intelligence based art recommendation, just announced that officially launched their Android App and reached more than 40,000 iPhone downloads since its commercial launch last year.

“We know it’s difficult to describe your own art taste or the particular type of painting you’re seeking, and I knew there had to be a better way,” Jonie, Co-founder of ARTO says. “I thought about how to make this easier and came up with ARTO, which provides personal recommended artworks based on what you like, instead of you having to actively search for it.”

“This is also great for the artists who have uploaded their art images onto the platform. Because ARTO knows the art preference of a certain user it can match it with the artwork of a specific artists, bringing supply and demand together.” Jonie adds

The ARTO application is the next step in enhancing the digital experience in the art industry. Both the art connoisseur as well as non-art experts can find great art pieces as the app covers all genres ranging from classical to pop art. In addition to art from both independent artists and galleries, ARTO has partnered with renowned museums and galleries around the world, like the Singapore Art Museum, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, and the Rijkmuseum in Amsterdam. Currently, the database counts more than 10,000 high resolution art images and new works are added daily. Partnerships with more galleries, museums, and even art fairs are in the works.

The app allows for art enthusiasts to connect with more artists and in a more time efficient way. User’s can browse the application from anywhere and liked pieces are saved in their profile so they do not have to hunt them down again later. While purchasing an artwork straight from the app is not yet possible, artist and gallery info is provided permitting users to contact the gallery or the artist directly. As a bonus, art shown in the app can also be streamed to a TV using Apple TV, changing your TV in a digital canvas.

ARTO Current Features
– Swipe art images to the left and right to indicate if you like something or not
– Easy scroll up/down for more images
– Tap on an image to see more info: artwork title, artist name, description,
– Zoom in on art images to see more details (all images are high res)
– Send a question about the artwork directly to the artist, gallery, museum
– See artworks similar to the artwork you have liked
– Tap on artist name to see picture, bio and more artworks from that artist
– See all your “Liked” art in 1 playlist
– View artworks per museum, gallery or event in “Collections”
– Stream art onto your TV using Apple TV

Download the app for free from Itunes or Google Play, search for ARTO Gallery

About ARTO:
ARTO was incorporated in December 2015, and founded by Jonie Oostveen, a Dutchman living in Singapore. He came up with the idea after moving into a new apartment and searching for art to hang on the walls. Jonie found it tedious to search different sites and browse hundreds of works of art to find something he wanted. With over 12 years in the mobile technology industry, it was only natural that he wanted “an app for that”, but none existed in the format he hoped for. He wished there was a platform that functioned more like Spotify, where he was working at the time, that gave him recommendations based on his preferences. He took that idea and blended it with the swiping functionality of Tinder, and thus ARTO was born.