Chinese ink painting privileges space like no other artistic tradition. White space is regarded as a void or nothingness, it is composed by the painter’s marks for the viewer’s meditative contemplation. In fact space in itself, the form of nothing, is considered the hallmark of aesthetic elevation. Space is the negative of gesture or human action; it is what has been left behind after the work of restless agitation. Cang and Pan’s contemporary interpretation of traditional painting translates this into the third dimension. Their work takes on the status of “space-nothing”, the negative form of their physical and gestural marks upon the world. While ink painting restricts the articulation of space on paper, the work of these two artists explores the meditative properties of space in the real world.

Exhibition runs: 15 Aug – 27 Sep 

Associated Event: Cang Xin in Conversation with Asst Professor Yin Ker

15 August, 2.30pm*

In conjunction with the exhibition opening, Pearl Lam Galleries is organising ‘Cang Xin in conversation with Yin Ker’. The artist will discuss his practice, as well as his place in the international art scene. Themes of discussion will include shamanism, shunyata (void), experimental procedures, and internationalism.

* As seating is limited, please confirm your attendance by email or phone to [email protected] / +65 6570 2284

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