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Karen Mitchell Karen MITCHELL (Singapore)

Karen Mitchell is a designer and an art educator.

She sees the blend of Graphic Design and Fine Arts as forming a more exciting scope for teaching and learning. Her art teaching is simplistic, with its only aim being to draw out connections and relationships from art which can then be fused with objects and activities from everyday-life.

When she is not doing art with the kids, she puts her thoughts and ideas onto carry-able canvas tote and make wearable arts with old T-shirts. They became “TO BE HAPPY” products under Mini Mitchell Market.

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Yen Phang Yen PHANG (Singapore)

Looks pretty sane, but

Certainly certifiable

Still prowling around

In spite of his legal training, Yen has chosen to pursue a career in the visual arts. Apart from being a closet-painter, Yen Phang is largely still an unknown quantity. Forever random, but always polite.


Geradine Lee Geraldine LEE (Singapore/Dubai)

A Marketing Director by trade, Geraldine decided to parlay her love for art and culture by joining the docent training programme with the Singapore Art Museum and is currently its co-head for Student Programmes. She is also intrigued by the idea of her Lomo but isn’t quite cool enough to take the plunge and finally go analogue. Until that day, and quite possibly a new career in photography arrives, this Franco-phile with a taste for the finer things in life is as happy as a clam to attend art openings and to confabulate about art with her captive student audience at the museum.

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Nicola Anthony Nicola ANTHONY (Singapore/London)

Nicola is an artist and writer seeking to discover things that make her mind crackle with creative thought. She sees the world as a series of interconnected subject matters, fragile moments & things from which art can be made. A lady of many hats, she also gives lectures, writes an artist’s blog, and curates exhibitions.

The creative world can get quite kaleidoscopic, but through her artwork & her writing she tries to capture some of this erratically shifting multicoloured place. With a fascination in language, her art explores the way we read meaning into words & artworks. Nicola hopes to help you discover new things & a new way of looking.

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Durriya Dohadwala Durriya Dohadwala (Singapore)

Durriya is a professional volunteer in the area of art appreciation and education. Since 2006 she has been associated with the charity Art Outreach as a volunteer teacher, trainer and board member. She is a docent at the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) and writes regularly on contemporary Asian art and culture for online and print art publications. She holds a Masters in Asian Art Histories from Goldsmiths College, University of London at the LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore.

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Teo Huey Yun Teo Huey Yun (Singapore)

Teo Huey Yun is an undergraduate in National University of Singapore who whiles away her free time playing football, drawing, reading and cuddling her fat cat. She has no fixed notion on what she aspires to do with her life, but she hopes it will stitch and come together like her grandma’s quilted blanket. Her works have been recently published in Ceriph and Symbal Magazine.

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Riya de los Reyes Riya de los Reyes (Singapore)

Riya is a freelance writer interested in contemporary, modern and Southeast Asian art. She graduated with a degree in History from the National University of Singapore. While in university, she read cultural theory, historiography and politics of cultural memory, among other interests. In 2012, she participated in Curating Lab, a programme jointly organized by NUS Museum and the National Arts Council to hone candidates with curatorial potential. She interned for the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) and was part of the project called Afterthought, which was eventually exhibited at Project Southeast Asia’s Symposium at the University of Oxford in 2013. Riya hopes that writing will bring her closer to art, which she has grown to love. She works in a publishing house.

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Jessica LIM Jessica LIM

Jessica is someone full of dreams and thoughts. Alot of things goes through her my mind that is not spoken. Through Photography, it helps Jessica to tell a story and and express her creativity. Photography engages people and captures beautiful memories.

Jessica is also into the Fashion Scene and a dancer by heart.



Saskia Joosse
Saskia JOOSSESelf confessed art addict, Saskia Joosse started to deal art in order to fund her art addiction. At first she began by dealing to close friends and family members and then moved onto working by referral. By 2008, the need for art and demand from her clients had grown to the point where she found it necessary to start her own company. This lead to the opening of her gallery, Pop and Contemporary Fine Art which also specialises in picture hanging solutions, which caters to many other galleries both in Singapore and though out Asia. Given her passion for art, Saskia helps to infect everyone she meets with that same boundless enthusiasm.SAY HELLO TO: Saskia Joosse