Dibirdibi Country Revisited celebrates the life of courageous Mornington Island Arts artist, Mrs. Gabori (c. 1924-2015), who revitalised her people through the act of painting. Her expansive canvases, bold colours and contemporary expression retell the stories of her family’s country.Sally GABORI_3080-L-SG-0308

Sally GABORI_3597-L-SG-0908

This show is an opportunity to see a living and breathing memory of a disappearing culture and a nationally esteemed Australian Indigenous Artist whose life continues in the masterpieces she has left behind. Works by Mrs. Gabori’s niece, Paula Paul, and other family members will also be exhibited as part of the show at ReDot Fine Art Gallery.

Exhibiting from 1 June until 2 July 2016
Opening Reception on 8 June 2016 from 6:30pm until 9:30pm. FREE