Disappearing Moon by Genevieve Chua

Although times are tough for many with the state of the economy it always gladdens my heart to see organizations take on the mantle and continue to champion the arts. Whilst the value that one can place on the arts is difficult to quantify, it is in no doubt necessary for the enrichment of our society.

The annual Artist-in-Residence Exchange (AirX) programme was launched two years ago with the intention of giving both artists based in the UK and Singapore the opportunity to research and further their own art practices whilst living and experiencing in the environment of their counterpart.

Disappearing Moon by Genevieve ChuaDisappearing Moon by Genevieve ChuaDisappearing Moon by Genevieve Chua

Two artists are then selected for each exchange, where they are invited to exchange ideas and experiment with new techniques, materials and concepts.

With the intention of promoting understanding and bridging communities, the Artist-in-Residence Exchange programme organised by the Singapore International Foundation and British Council, highlights that creativity is bountiful in every corner of the world and that sometimes one needs to take a step back in order to appreciate this fact.

Disappearing Moon celebrates the collaboration between the Singaporean artist Genevieve Chua and Emma Critchley from Britain. Both artists spent a number of weeks in each other’s countries, working together in person and also via Skype when apart.

Genevieve Chua, was a recipient of the NAC Georgette Chen Scholarship in 2003/4 and the Young Artist Award in 2012 conferred by the National Arts Council, Singapore. Her work can be seen on various mediums, such as photography, installation, drawing along with interactive mediums such as website work.

Emma Critchley has been the recipient of many awards and her work is included in the collections of The Royal College of Art and National Media Museum. Her work consists mainly of underwater photography and video.

Disappearing Moon will feature their collaborative works in addition to new solo works conceptualised during their respective residences in Singapore and London.

Disappearing Moon by Genevieve Chua

Disappearing Moon
18 Jan-7 Feb 2013
Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore
LASALLE College of the Arts
Brother Joseph McNally Gallery, F1011 McNally Street
Singapore 187940
Opening hours: 10am-6pm, Tuesday to Sunday (except 1.30-2.30pm)
Closed on Mondays and public holidays
Free admission

The artists will also be giving a talk in conjunction with Art Stage Singapore on 26 January 2013