An old man tottering in the train while seats remain occupied. A community bike with a missing wheel–or two. People elbowing their way into the bus.

What kind of society are we enabling with our sense of entitlement? How do we build a community we’d be proud to live in; one in which we’d trust our neighbours to look out for us? What would a community of civic conscious people look like — and will we get there?

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Join Tapestry Playback Theatre in a conversation on what it takes for us to become a more caring and considerate community. Share your stories about civic conscious (or not!) acts and people in our community.

Playback Theatre is an improvisational form of community theatre. The audience shares real moments from their lives and watch the performers play it back, with elements of cloth, movement, music, and spoken word.

Friends from the Deaf Community are welcome to join us! Please leave us a message to tell us or email us at [email protected] Sign Language interpretation will be available upon request.
Tapestry Playback Theatre Ltd is a non-profit community theatre company that bases its transformative work on the playback theatre form. Tapestry is a Company Partner of the Centre for Playback Theatre (CPT) and a member of the International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN).

Shows: 16th Sept (7:30pm), 17th Sept (3pm)
Tickets @ $20/- from