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Launching Artitute’s first print at the Affordable Art Fair Singapore in 2013, Art Fellas/The Art Booklet is a platform for emerging artists to showcase their works both offline and online. The Art Booklet 01 presents 8 young female emerging artists from Singapore.

In this edition, with photography as the medium, we showcase the artists’ idealism, dreams and realisim of their personal self, and the people around them. The emotional context of foreign workers seeking roots in a foreign land, a young girl’s fantasy of becoming a fairytale princess, and the abstract display of the relationship between the human body and our surroundings during an unconscious state.

The Artists

Alecia Neo - Resting on the Horizon
Alecia Neo
Clayrene Chan - Cotton Candy Fantasy
Clayrene Chan
Eunice Lim - 14 Lines, I am a little world made cunningly
Eunice Lim
Jemima Yong - SIX
Jemima Yong
Lavender Chang - Unconsciousness: Consciousness
Lavender Chang
Liana Yang - What My Pussy Loves (2013)
Liana Yang
Ruyi Wong - (Untitled)
Ruyi Wong
Zann Huang - (Untitled 04)
Zann Huang

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The Art Booklet 01 edition prints.

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