Ruyi Wong - (Untitled)

Artist Profile:
Ruyi Wong completed her Bachelor In Fine Art (hons) from Nanyang Technological University the School of Art, Design and Media. Ruyi received her MA (Fine Art) in Camberwell College of Art, UK ,University of the Art London. Ruyi’s medium traverses and translates between sculpture, painting and photography. Wong’s practice ties in very closely to the material, to reinforce the content with different use of materials. The contact with the materiality of things allows a different kind of conversation to happen in the encounter.

Ruyi has exhibited internationally in London, South Korea, Singapore and Australia. She doubles as an art writer and for independent publications, exhibitions, and art magazines.

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Her works
Starting by photographing image of the nude self, the body that belongs to Wong, is manipulated to become unfamiliar collective bodies. Wong transfers and maps bodily images with other sculptural forms (OHP projector, soap, wooden cases, organic matter, synthetic leather) forming odd meanings, connecting her desire to make an allusion to the unpresentable, allowing a different kind of conversation to happen in the encounter,  Wong believes that the propensity towards the marvelous can never be thoroughly extirpated from human nature. The image of subjects chosen in Wong’s work inhabits an evocative border between the familiar and unfamiliar subjects. Within this context Wong explore the relationship of the abstract photographic image to notions of exteriority, interiority and the body sublime.

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