Zann Huang - (Untitled)

A self taught and self funded photographer, Zann Huizhen Huang began her first serious foray into photojournalism after the tsunami in January 2005. She has covered humanitarian and socio-political issues in Iran, Iraq, Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, China, Turkey, Tunisia, Thailand and the Philippines. Her images have been published in Time magazine, Le Monde, Geo Italia, L’expresso and other publications in the US, Europe and Asia.

Zann’s works have garnered various awards such as the UNICEF Photographer of the Year 2006 (Honourable Mention) and Le Grand Prix Care International du Reportage Humanitaire Award 2007 – Top 5 finalists. Her projects had been exhibited in highly regarded photo festivals such as Noorderlicht 2006, Visa Pour L’image 2007, New York Photofest 2009, Reportage Australia 2010, Angkor Photofest 2011, Arles Photography Salon 2012, Photo Romania 2012, Chobi Mela 2013, Month of Photography Bulgaria 2013, Copenhagen Photofest 2013 and Obscura Photofest 2013. She is also a TEDx Singapore and Kuala Lumpur speaker in 2012 and a judge for NOISE Singapore 2013.

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Untitled 01 – A group of Iranian and Iraqi Kurds gather for a mass Naqshbandi ritual in Marivan, Iran on 13 Aug 2009. Only male are allowed to witness this event but a foreign woman is an exception.
Untitled 02 -Three female Basijis (Revolutionary Guards) patrol the streets of Mashad, Iran on 9 April 2009. They, together with their male counterparts, uphold the tenets of the Islamic revolution.
Untitled 03 – A Palestinian Fatah member celebrates Land Day. Taken in March 2010.
Untitled 04 – A Syrian Refugee boy living in the Shatila Palestinian Refugee camp plays a mock gun battle in Beirut, Lebanon on 21 Aug 2012. Life in this over-crowded camp provided little space for children to play and so they had to make up their own games. Shatila Palestinian Refugee Camp-regarded as the camp with the worst living conditions in Lebanon is often plagued by violence such as gun shootings and stabbings.
Untitled 05 – A woman in a burqa seen against a symbolic backdrop of bird cages in Kabul, Afghanistan 2013.

Untitled 06 – A Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighter from Dera’a, Syria recovering from his wounds at Al Zaatari Camp, Jordan 2012. He was captured and tortured by Assad’s forces for about a month, thrown into a river, left for dead but was fortunately discovered and saved by his FSA comrades.

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