Civic District (Empress Lawn, Asian Civilisations Museum Green)
GTM @ Civic District will see the Civic District will come to life with site-specific dance performances, a mass activation event that allows participants to learn dance in a fun and engaging way, an immersive and interactive dance carnival featuring performances and workshops, and the GTM mass dance that will see participants moving to the GTM track.


1. MP3 Experiment: At the start of this experiment, participants will download a MP3 track, hit play at a pre-set time and engage in a series of fun dance-related challenges together. The MP3 experiment hopes to break down barriers between strangers, drawing people out of their comfort zone to interact with one another and to forge new friendships.

2. Padang Tari (‘Field of Dance’): Padang Tari is an immersive and interactive dance carnival that will celebrate the diversity and lushness of traditional dance forms, still practised and performed by groups in Singapore today. Featuring Singapore artists and community dance groups who have been redefining traditional dances for the contemporary stage, the carnival will connect visitors with our diverse cultural roots, and uncover the artistry and creative potential of traditional dance. Audiences will also be able to participate in community dance events and workshops.
3. Tracing the City (site-specific dance performance): In a city that is constantly filled with bodies crossing back and forth, just by slowing down and observing, we can change the feel of the city. And if we allow ourselves to feel the space, we can begin to notice much more about ourselves within the space. This dance hopes to get audiences thinking, “How are we shaped by our surroundings? What do we take with us and what do we leave behind?”

GTM @ Civic District
By National Arts Council and appointed producer, Noor Effendy Ibrahim
15 October 2016, 5pm to 11pm