NPE Art Residency is pleased to invite you to Eunice Lim’s 4th solo exhibition > Greener Than The Grass. This exhibition is part of the artist‘s sketchbook series that are presented in loose pages; layered to show how various stories build up to form an aspect of each person. > Greener Than The Grass will also be an on-going series to consistently learn and be inspired by people of greatness in the course of the artist’s practice journey.

> Greener than the Grass is meant to subtly reference a similar sounding phrase ‘greater than the past’. Most of the works are painted on green carpets, which the artist has acquired for a previous public engagement project. The approach towards her works differ due to the different materials used, yet being entirely intentional about the representation of the green carpets.

There is a point of divergence in people’s lives, and the artist draws reference to what can be learnt from these influential people that made an impact along the course of history.

Purpose and vision are essential qualities to thrive. There is a saying, “Without vision the people perish.” Yet we often think, ‘the grass is greener on the other side’. We look back and think how great people were, failing to realize that we can walk & pave paths towards greatness ourselves.



The presented artworks are drawn up from significant people in history whom the artist personally relates & looks up to. These are a few of the many people the artist has drawn inspiration from. However, it does not mean the artist aspire to be like them. Some have more traits than others, while others only have victories in a few specific areas that are worth note taking. Therefore, the artist encourages people to learn from various experiences, from various people, and pursue the path of greatness too.

“Potential is a priceless treasure, like gold. All of us have gold hidden within, but we have to dig to get it out.” – Joyce Meyer

The main artworks constitutes people namely Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Alexander the great, Thomas Edison & Vincent Van Gogh. While the smaller drawings consist of a few others such as Albert Einstein and Da Vinci.

Artist Biography

Eunice Lim graduated with a Bachelor of Fine arts at LASALLE College of the Arts, in partnership with Goldsmiths, University of London in 2014. She has exhibited in various venues and has been part of artist-in-residency programs held both locally & internationally (such as Australia, Turkey, USA). Eunice’s art practice revolves being a community artist and an art educator. Her inspirations derived from public engagements propel her to portray encountered interactions through mediums such as public installations, murals and drawings.

About NPE Art Residency

Since establishment in 2015 NPE Art Residency has hand selected contemporary artists in Singapore, inviting them to expand, nurture and develop their skills, whilst collaborating with other creatives and NPE in-house fine art digital print and paper experts. Our studio has more in-house facilities than any other art studio in Singapore.

With the addition of the public gallery we hope to open up this incredibly exciting, creative, exploratory space to a wider audience: enabling artists to showcase their resulting works, the new directions of their artistic practice, as well as give insight into their creative practice.

NPE Art Residency is an art arm of NPE Print Communications (Previously known as National Photo Engravers). NPE has a long creative history stemming back to 1967 when the main activity was photo engraving. In contemporary times, NPE has an ever growing team of designers and technicians, running Singapore’s leading press and communication agency. This means that our artist residency studio has more in-house facilities than any
other studio or creative space in Singapore: Artists can upscale their work and push boundaries using high tech fabrication and production processes, digital fine art printing, giclee prints, ultraviolet printing, book-binding and stitching machines, gold leaf stamping, die-cut, embossing and debossing, to name a few. The NPE Art Residency is founded by award-winning art consultant, artist and educator, Daryl Goh.


Opening Reception: Thurs, 16th Aug 2018, 6.30pm

Exhibition: 16th Aug – 26th Sep 2018, Mon-Fri 10am-6pm or by appt.

Address: NPE Gallery (Level 2), 39 – 41 Kallang Place, Singapore 339169

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