FOST Gallery is proud to showcase If You Think I Winked, I Did. by Khairullah Rahim.

If You Think I Winked, I Did. by Khairullah Rahim touches on the specificity of local swimming complexes and attempts to draw attention to the metaphoric and symbolic meanings that often lie hidden within its landscape and architectural styles. The works attempt to evoke intimate notions from realms of grey areas familiar to the artist himself.

This exhibition is part of the FOURSIGHT series, showcasing four young Singaporean artists: Izziyana Suhaimi, Ashley Yeo, Luke Heng and Khairullah Rahim. The significance of Singapore’s 50th year of independence formed the impetus of this series. But while we commemorate the events of the last five decades, it is also important to look forward. FOURSIGHT is an attempt to project and chart the future through these young artists, who, each in their own right, are artists of incredible talent, and whom we hope will play a part in Singapore’s art history.
About the Artist
Khairullah Rahim (b. 1987, Singapore) graduated in 2013 from LASALLE College of the Arts, in partnership with Goldsmiths, College of London with first class honours. Khairullah’s works have been showcased in numerous exhibitions and art fairs internationally. In 2013, he had also participated in the YOUKOBO Art Residency Programme at Tokyo, Japan.

Exhibition runs: 1 – 30 August 2015

Friday, 31 July 2015, 7-9 PM

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