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Itsy Bitsy spider has galvanised his eight-legged army to terrorise the characters in the nursery rhyme world. In comes an unlikely hero, a grandfather who’s looking for his grandson. In his search, Grandpa is reacquainted with familiar and colourful friends from the nursery rhymes that he used to sing to his grandson. Unwittingly, he ends up being their hero, the chosen one against the spiders. To save his newfound friends from the eight-legged terror, an epic war ensues between the spiders, and his assembled army, comprising an unfortunate pair of siblings – Jack and Jill, the directionless Three Blind Mice, the fragile Humpty Dumpty and the Twinkle Little Star. Meanwhile, his grandson reappears, in a form that sends shivers down Grandpa’s spine.

Featuring a dazzling display of puppetry and live action, ITSY – The Musical transports audiences to a dazzling world that explodes with glorious colours, stunning effects and enchanting music. At its heart is the powerful and moving story about the bond between a grandparent and his grandchild.

ITSY – The Musical is a marquee event that will rock your world and senses with its imagination and craft.

Book by Chong Tze Chien (Director)

Music composed, arranged and performed by Darren Ng

Cast: Sebastian Tan, Lim Kay Siu, Oliver Chong, Ebi Shankara, Tan Shou Chen, Jo Tan, Audrey Luo, Frances Lee, Zee Wong, Ivan Choong, Yazid Jalil, Rachel Tay, Juni Goh, Ann Lek, Kyongsu Kathy Han, Jo Kwek, Tan Beng Tian, Myra Loke


Ticket Information:

Date: 24 Mar – 2 Apr 2017. Victoria Theatre.

Time: 3pm (Sat & Sun), 8pm (Tue – Sat)


Preview (24 Mar, Fri, 8pm): $43, $54, $64, $74 (inclusive of SISTIC booking fees)

Standard: $49, $59, $69, $79 (inclusive of SISTIC booking fees)




Story of ITSY:

Music Video:


ITSY – The Musical is presented by The Finger Players.