For the past few years my work has been driven by an inner malaise and dissatisfaction with “the way things are”. This time I am relieved to be returning to a favoured theme…a focus on intimacy, and the body.


These paintings are a celebration of flesh and touch. I wanted to get back to the essence of our being…the complex joy of love, and play between people.

The touching suggests a “music” of intimacy to me…the duets and trios play together in melodies and patterns that flow as they make contact. There are still dissonant moments but this becomes another part of the energies… The entwined flesh is a fugue of shapes and shadows.

Moved by the rhythms and textures of cherished bodies, I have played with these elements to transform lovers at play into a cantata of forms.

– James Guppy, 2016

Brenda May Gallery
2 Danks Street Waterloo NSW Australia 2017
29 October to 24 November, 2016
Open: Tue to Fri 11-6, Sat 10-6