Home, Joanna Lamb’s first exhibition in Sullivan+Strumpf Singapore, will comprise a selection of works in different forms of media such as collage, installation, neon works and painting.

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Lamb constructs Laminex collages, like precise puzzles where any traces of the manual process are removed to create a sense of perfection and reproducibility. Her use of Laminex is intentional as she considers it lends itself effectively to the recreation of domestic vignettes. Its luminosity and limited colour palette brings dimension to the deliberate flatness of her depictions. Lamb’s still-lifes portray quotidian objects that are stripped of labels or names, and are to be recognised by their forms and brand identifiers. They are ubiquitous and common, much like the interiors she rigorously portrays in the exhibition.

Joanna Lamb’s work speaks of places where we can feel both familiar and lost, where complexity is stripped to its simplest form, removed of any lines or perspective. They evoke places we once belonged to, places where the details have been lost through time, yet a lingering sense of home remains.

Joanna Lamb – ‘Home’
10 -25 September 2016
Artist Talk : 10 September 2016, 5 PM
Opening Reception : 10 September 2015, 6 PM