Tool to see the world in a different manner, a kaleidoscope creates new possibilities with given shapes and colours. In a very poetic manner, fragments of given realities are taken away from their world, reflected and refracted onto the kaleidoscope, creating a new world, a world only made of unusual forms and magical colours.

With Kaleidoscope, Jau Goh and Elodie Chandernagor invite us to be part of this unexpected world, the result of the collision of different colours and horizons.

While Jau focuses on nature and harmony, creating minimalist pictures of geometrical forms, Elodie questions the inner stories of our minds and writes ongoing and never-ending stories about them.

Outside and inside, calm and stormy, nature and mind, let Jau and Elodie guide you around this other world, a small island of colours and shapes. Kaleidoscope of different horizons, the encounter of several possibilities, the exhibition will take you on an unexpected journey, creating a world of its own.

Date: November 25, 2017 Saturday 5 PM – 9 PM
Venue: The Riverwalk Apartments, 20 Upper Circular Road #23-05, Singapore 058416
Admission: free