Knives in the Water is an exhibition of new artworks from Singapore based Speak Cryptic. This will be his first solo show at Chan + Hori Contemporary – the first in 10 years in Singapore – and his most introspective one to date. The exhibition highlights a collection of characters and places which function as a means to explore tribal identity and group dynamics. At the core of his investigations are issues pertaining to the human condition and the visual language prevalent within the cultures of comics and underground music.


These fictitious friends and imaginary landscapes have traveled with Speak Cryptic for many years. The fresh set of works will expose his ‘tribe’ and deconstruct the characters within the circle. Separating and isolating the characters and landscapes are opportunities to approach more intricate elements, including tribal member’s patches, tools and headdresses. The ethnological approach of Knives in the Water challenges us to examine ourselves along with or against these tribal hybrids of South East Asia. In conjunction with the characters, the unraveling of the landscapes complements the earlier work form Speak Cryptic. These new works elaborate on his observations in chronicling time spent in Singapore’s punk locales around the city center.

His previous exhibitions include a solo show at Officina Delle Zattere in Venice, Italy in 2015 and group exhibitions such as Secret Archipelago (Paris, 2015), Singapore Biennale (2013), Budi Daya (2014) and Future Proof (2012). He is a member of the DXXXXD Collective and plays the electric bass for the Singaporean based band, I AM DAVID SPARKLE.

Knives in the Water will open with a reception on Thursday May 4th, 2017 at 7:00 pm.

Artist: Speak Cryptic
Exhibition Title: Knives in the Water
Exhibition Period: 4th – 28th May 2017
Exhibition Opening: 4th May 2017, Thursday, 7pm
Venue: Chan + Hori Contemporary
Address: 6 Lock Road Gillman Barracks #02-09 Singapore 108934