Who would have though that the stuffy classic polo-tee, often associated with the Oxford stiff upper lips, would hit it so well with the young, modern and trendy crowd in Singapore. At the launch of the 78-year-old classic René Lacoste’s innovative L.12.12 polo shirt, techno tunes and cool videos were featured at the launch party set in a historic location: the former Tai Hwa garment factory at Kim Yan Road.

Lacoste L.12.12 Singapore

Having travelled to Moscow, New York, Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo, LACOSTE’s worldwide celebration of the classic polo shirt, known as L.12.12, has arrived in Singapore. René Lacoste’s innovative L.12.12 polo shirt has revolutionized men’s sportswear, replacing the customary weaved, long-sleeved shirt with the short-sleeved knitted L.12.12 polo shirt. LACOSTE is no stranger to artistic collaborations, working with a range of creative heavy-hitters such as fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, product designers Tom Dixon and the Campanas brothers, film director Pedro Almodovar, and Chinese ceramic artist Li Xiaofeng. This will be LACOSTE’s first ever collaboration with digital artists.

At the Lacoste in Motion L.12.12 in Singapore, animations by 12 visual artists, such as Shawn Lim (XOTL), Fendy Ibrahim (Kult3D) and Benjy Choo (Kilo Studio) from Singapore and design label Momorobo from Singapore and Shanghai, grooved to the sound tracks created by three musicians from distinctly different fields: composer Anti-Gravity Chocolate, indie folk singer and songwriter Nicholas Chim, and Aditya Permana and Dipha Barus of popular electronic pop band Agrikulture, were showcased at the spacious building.

LACOSTE in Motion L.12.12 : TEASER from LACOSTE In Motion L.12.12 on Vimeo.

Guests at the Lacoste L.12.12 party had fun modelling with the polo-tees sculpture which animations and designs by the 12 artists were projected on the polo-tee. Turning them into live art showcases which were projected on the large screens at the event. Artitute had a go at it and had fun interacting with the animations.