It is almost rare nowadays to find photography works with no digital special effects. These art works amazingly look and feel like Chinese ink painting too.

Dr Leo K. K. Wong is a veteran photographer from Hong Kong. He is a medical doctor, speaks English, Mandarin and Cantonese fluently, and is so spirited at 79 years old. He has kindly pledged all sales proceeds from this Lotus Fantasia exhibition to Singapore charity, Beyond Social Services. What an inspiration!

Lotus Fantasia - Photography by Leo K.K. Wong
Lotus Fantasia by Dr Leo K. K. Wong

Our hands were not shaky. This Impressionist-like style was done through multiple exposure and telephoto lens techniques. Yet, the art works reflect the minimalist serenity of Chinese ink painting.

Lotus Fantasia - Photography by Leo K.K. Wong

The colours are atypical of lotus images. They were taken over different seasons in different acclaimed Asian gardens.

Lotus Fantasia - Photography by Leo K.K. Wong

There are only 15 prints in the world per work at this exhibition, brought in from Hong Kong. Photographers from overseas who discovered the exhibition by chance were so fascinated they had to meet Dr Wong in person.

Tell your friends. Buy the art works for a good cause and for your relaxation at home. They are a good alternative to spa packages.

When: Until Sunday, 23 October 2011

Where: East Garden Foyer, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Photographs by Suzzana Chew