4LR - Sharis Garabedian - Sayat-Nova de Paradjanov, 2016, Chinese Ink & Gold Leaves on Paper, 28cm X 19cm

Born to an Armenian family, Sharis Garabedian grew up and was educated in many different geographical areas in Middle East, Europe and United States of America. Hence, she absorbed multiple influences that play a major role in her art.

Sharis is a multi talented artist, who successfully expresses herself through various media, from photography to ink on paper.

14LR - Sharis Garabedian - Forgotten Paradise, 2016, Chinese Ink on Kodai Japanese Paper, 30cm X 21cm

The exhibition Meditative Imprint focuses on her drawings. The artist repetitively uses geometrical and angular shapes to create intricate patterns. With this spontaneous unplanned expression, Sharis reaches another level of consciousness. Almost a form of intuitive meditation, her drawings have naturally demonstrated themselves on a multitude of surfaces, be it paper, canvas, silk or obsidian stone.
Sharis’ work is in the collection of Yerevan Modern Art Museum and the National Gallery of Armenia. She has many private collectors around the world.

by Sharis Garabedian
14 April – 15 May 2016

Intersections Art Gallery
34 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198892

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