Metaphors Be With You (MBWY) is a curated true personal story showcase held every six weeks at our studio. It’s open to anyone who submits a story that meets the MBWY Submission Guidelines.
The theme for the next show: Scars & Tattoos



Date: Saturday, 25 February 2017
Time: 7.30pm – 9.00pm
Venue: Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity; 22 Dickson Road, #02-01, Singapore 209506

Ticket: SG$10 (for audience only; those submitting in their stories need not pay)

1) Your story must deal with the theme ‘scars & tattoos’ in some way
2) Your story must be true, personal, and under 7 minutes
3) Yours story can be less but no more than 1300 words
4) Submit your story in Times New Roman, size 12, double-spaced to [email protected] with the subject ‘Metaphors Be With You’.

Please see all details of the submission guidelines at

Submission deadline: Sunday, 5 February 2017