My Dreams, My Wishes by Gelyn Ong

What are you doing when you were 7 years old?

The young and talented Gelyn Ong has her first solo exhibition at the age of 7. “My Dreams, My Wishes” features 29 of her latest art pieces. Not just a simple exhibition,
but one that embraces a good cause too as the exhibition aims to raise funds for
Make-A-Wish Foundation. The funds will help grant the wishes of children with life-
threatening medical conditions. Before this, Gelyn’s works have also raised funds for
several charity organisations.

The tiny Gelyn has art pieces bigger than herself. She told us that she has to stand
on a chair to do the top part of her painting, and once, she stood on a chair that was
placed on top of a table! When I look at her paintings, I’d imagine the big brush in
her tiny hand and I believe, to be able to accomplish those brush strokes, you do not
need to be strong, you need to be passionate. Her strokes are filled with energy; her
colours, simply happy.

My Dreams, My Wishes by Gelyn Ong My Dreams, My Wishes by Gelyn Ong
My Dreams, My Wishes by Gelyn Ong My Dreams, My Wishes by Gelyn Ong

The paintings featured are mainly on flowers and animals. She said that it is
more difficult to draw and paint the animals but she enjoys it. When asked which
work is her favourite, she smiled sweetly and said she liked them all. We decided
to take a photo of her in front of the painting “Two Brothers”. Gelyn’s paintings
have whimsical and beautiful titles. Her parents have titled the works for her.
It is interesting to see the paintings presented with both the child’s and adult’s
perspective. She said she has no story or specific meaning to her works, she paints
them and her parents name them. So, read the paintings with a simple mind, no
need to analyse them, just enjoy the happiness the young artist had presented and
be inspired by her passion.

Venue: Fullerton Heritage Gallery
Address: Fullerton Hotel, 1 Fullerton Square 049178
Exhibition dates: 27th October 2011 to 22nd November 2011.
Admission: Free