If you are preparing for your “What’s your greatest regret?” public speech, try singing No Regrets, in French. Soak in the songs of French music legend Edith Piaf at Sing’theatre’s revue, No Regrets, A Tribute to Edith Piaf, a talented French song bird, starting Wed 4 May 11. You would have heard her songs at many Parisian-styled cafes and in various romantic movies.

Artitute was invited to a media lunch with Sing’theatre for their upcoming revue, No Regrets…a tribute to Edith Piaf. Suzzana and I had the opportunity to chat with Robin Goh, whose voice you might have been hearing on bilingual radio 883JiaFM, and Hossan Leong, who plays the comical “double confirm” characters in a current TV advertisement. So what are two guys doing in a show about a lady and her songs about her tragic life?

Robin, bless his mellow singing voice, will be singing as Edith Piaf’s lover in duets with the ladies.

Sing'theatre Trbute Edith Piaf Hilde Holme and Robin Goh 6Apr11
Hilde Holme and Robin Goh, best known for his role in Chang and Eng the musical
Sing'theatre Tribute Edith Piaf Hossan Leong 6Apr11
Hossan Leong, well known Singapore actor and comedian

Hossan will narrate in English the sad stories of Edith Piaf’s life, to which she famously said she had no regrets of. Denise Tan, Angela Scundi, Hilde Holme and Jeanne Ghanem are in the cast.

Sing'theatre Tribute Edith Piaf Denise Tan 6Apr11
Denise Tan, recently acted in Animal Farm

No fancy set, no fancy costumes, no fancy props. The interpretations of the performers, artistic director Nathalie Ribette and music director Elaine Chan will be the focus. I believe the directors’ known respect for the performers’ input will draw different strengths to enhance these often played songs.

Nathalie is French. Hossan and Robin can really speak French. Edith Piaf’s songs are known to evoke fond memories of France. This is the perfect excuse to gather your French loving friends. It is time to practise the correct pronunciation of La Vie En Rose.

No Regrets. A tribute to Edith Piaf

The cast and director of No Regrets whom we met at Hediard.
From left:
Hossan Leong, Hilde Holme, Nathalie Ribette, Robin Goh

Come congratulate Nathalie on the fifth anniversary of Sing’theatre, which she founded.

No Regrets, A Tribute to Edith Piaf starts Wed 4 May 11 at the DBS ART CENTRE – Home of SRT (20, Merbau Road- Robertson Quay) . Buy your tickets now through SISTIC.

Anything goodie in this article has not been influenced by the Hediard goodie lunch and goodie bag, I think. 😉