NPE Art Residency is pleased to invite you to Justin Lee and Yeoh Wee Hwee’s joint exhibition Of Things and Yesterdays, showcasing new artworks developed during their time as NPE Artists in Residence. While Justin Lee’s Nanyang Children story book series from the 70’s reflect upon how external influences and technology has transformed the way art is being created, Yeoh Wee Hwee’s No.1 Onwards series reflect inwards how our own upbringing and societal expectations bind us in our creativity. By examining the ‘yesterdays’ can we reflect on the ‘todays’.


Artist: Justin Lee
Exhibition Title: 南洋儿童 Nanyang Children

Justin Lee’s works focus on a series of prints based on the artist’s upbringing with childhood story book series “南洋儿童- Nanyang Children“ which were popular during the early 1970s.

This new series of artworks reflect upon how consumerism and disposable culture have changed and influenced the upbringing of children in the 1970s in Singapore and South East Asia. During his residency at NPE, Justin tried to reinvestigate how art and print production were being made and produced by graphic artists and illustrators during the 60s, where artists used hands-on painted illustration as compared to what we are creating now on the computer with colour separation and digital printing.

Artist: Yeoh Wee Hwee
Exhibition Title: No.1 Onwards

In No.1 Onwards, Yeoh Wee Hwee examined how we enclose ourselves within our social roles, expectations, values and with our everyday understanding of things.

Perhaps we can free our imaginations; undo preconceptions to wander beyond the familiar boundaries and reconceive ourselves and our worlds.

Come join us for the opening reception with the artists on:
Thurs, 11th Oct 2018 at 6.30pm
39 Kallang Place (Level 2)

The exhibition continues 12th Oct 2018 – 21st Dec 2018, Mon – Fri 10am – 6pm or by appt.

All are welcome.