In-Studio with: Art Wonderland is a residency programme developed by the Art Wonderland team with the aims of connecting the local art scene with younger audiences. Through this residency programme, Art Wonderland aim to be a platform that allows for creatives of diverse backgrounds to be exposed to the value of education in art-making and collaboration. By sharing Art Wonderland’s resources and expertise in art education, they hope to push the boundaries of what co-creation can be and how meaningful experiences can be designed for children. In-Studio with: Art Wonderland hopes to instil education-based processes in an artist’s journey, thereby inspiring the creation of children-centric works of art.
Art Wonderland is a young art collective with experience that spans over a decade in the art education industry in Singapore. The collective curates and designs engaging experiences and programmes that aim to engage the community through art education. Through site-specific installations and immersive educational programmes, Art Wonderland works with children as fellow collaborators, embracing their curious insight and perspective of the world as part of their creative process.
Applications for the residency will be open till 31st October 2021, 2359hrs.
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