Zentai Parade – Pasir Ris Beach Art Festival

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29 July 2017 Saturday 2:30-8:00pm
Pasir Ris Water Venure, Pasir Ris Park Area 3

‘Zentai Parade’ is a program that invites participants from all ages to wear Zentai suits and perform at Pasir Ris Beach Art Festival. It aims to make connection between artists and people who have no prior experience in this art by questioning their individuality and identity.
No experience required. Participants will be paired with experienced Zentai performers.
Kids 3 years old and above are welcome

2:30pm: Gather at Pasir Ris Water Venure
Briefing on Zentai Parade
Try on Zentai and learn Zentai performance
5:50pm: Zentai Parade
8:00pm: Parade Ends

This program is a collaboration between Yuzuru Maeda (Organizer of Zentai Art Festival) and Pasir Ris Beach Art Festival.

Pasir Ris Beach Art Festival is part of PAssionArts Arts Festival 2017

Free Zentai Rental