An open call for the artist to join the the performance art event ‘Performance Art Resource Orchestrator’ happening on 8 and 9 July 2017 at Independent Archive, 67 Aliwar street Singapore.
Performance art RO facebook
We are not founded by any foundation so we cannot support artist fee and material fee.
For foreign artist, we will help to seek accomodation among friends to host you during the event.
We will provide food and drink during the event.

Condition for the application:
1. Open Call closes on 7 May midnight Singapore time
2. We will host all the artists who applied for the open call as long as we obtained Art and Entertainment license for the performance.(your application will be used to apply the license)
3. If you don’t have exact idea for performance yet, please write all the possible content you might like to do. It is okay to not to do the action you wrote but it is not okay to do the action you did not mention in the Synopsis. This is to follow Singapore art and entertainment license rules.
4. You don’t have to have art background or performance art experience

Application content:
1. Name, Date of birth, ID or passport number, Nationality, current address
2. Bio of the artist
3. Synopsis (i.e. description of the performance, the materials to be used, the extent of interaction with the audience during the performance and links to similar work if staged previously):
4. Please state if you need accomodation assistance
5. Please E-mail to [email protected]
With title ‘Performance Art Resouce Orchestrator’

Dear line 7 May 2017