ViaRT Award, a children’s recycled art competition, is back for its second edition and has an open call for applicants to submit their works.

This year, in collaboration with National EnvironmentAgency’s (NEA) “Say YES to Waste Less” campaign, our theme will be centred around the disposables and food wastage problem in Singapore, titled ‘A Waste Beyond’. This competition is open to all primary and secondary school students from 12 July to –19 Nov 2021.

Artworks should be created to reflect the student’s unique interpretation of the waste problem in Singapore and advocate good practices to reduce food waste and disposables. Students are encouraged to create artworks that revolve around one type of waste as its crucial element.

Guidance in educational documents and live stream workshops will be provided to participants who might need some inspiration to get them started on their masterpieces—workshop speakers include artists suchasSunaina Bhalla, Alem Korkut, and Harshita Agarwal. Should students not have enough materials to work with, they can request donated waste supplies from our corporate partners and community.

At ViaRT, we believe that sustainability is one of the leading solutions to the ever-changing climate problem. We wish to be the channel to introduce sustainable practices to the next generation through art activities. We hope that bringing the younger generations attention to this issue, it will instil in them a sense of responsibility to do what is right for the Earth and make a positive difference in their communities

Organiser: VIANT Commodities, Y Art Project

Judging Panel: Alem Korkut-Artist, Associate ProfessorBenjamin Von Wong-ArtistDaryl Goh-ArtistJulie Zhu-Founder of VIANT CommoditiesSunaina Bhalla-ArtistTanya Michele Amador-Independent Curator, WriterYing Ji-Founder of Y Art Project

ViaRT Award, a Children Recycled Art Competition
Theme: A Waste Beyond
OPEN CALL for student submissions from 12 Jul 2021 to 19 Nov 2021
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @viart_green